What is Nova Launcher Apk? Everything You Need to Know About the Nova Launcher

Hey the guys! Surely as the time passed the man tried more and more and got the new technologies. About all the people on the World have a touch phone mean the Androids.

Sometimes its become difficult for users to manage the device’s software mean the Installed Windows and Window’s themes.

It happens that we take it tough to customize our Smart-Phones with our way. We pay a considerable amount for the Smart Phones but feels unable to customize it.

On this page, I have brought an application named as Nova Launcher. This app is an assistance tool of the Androids performance that how do we want to customize all the settings by which we can feel comfortable.

We are going to start reading all about the Nova Launcher. You will also find the links to download the apk file of this app directly.

What is Nova Launcher Apk?

Nova Launcher is the application that let customize all settings including the themes, shortcuts, and A to Z settings of your Android. By this app, you can set your Android phone with your own way.

This app provides so may service along with its heavy duty and comes with a lot of useful highlights.

Now have gone those days when you had to follow the long paths to open any option off from the settings, from the phone icon, from WhatsApp doesn’t matter from any corner of the phone’s windows.

You can create the shortcuts of any app on the home screen or from all the activities running in your Android.

This is is the basic about the Nova Launcher app now let’s move to the features and the other experiences.

Features of Nova Launcher Apk

Nova Launcher app comes with a lot of features and services. This is the app the let use the Android with your way.

In the bullets, I have described the features of this app. So, let’s read the experiences by this app that you may to do

  • Brings the docs or the menu options on the screen to access with a single touch.
  • You can set the theme of your own choice and can also customize the call experiences.
  • You can backup your device’s setting and can save it for a long time.
  • Hiding the folder is another feature of this app. Hide your personal file/folder by it.

These are few features by the Nova Launcher App. Now lets, read how to download this app.

How to Download Nova Launcher Apk?

Nova Launcher app is very easy to download and install. This app is available on the Google Play Store from which you can get easily. Tap on the link to download the Nova Launcher Apk

Download Nova Launcher Now


In the end, Nova Launcher is very popular apps nowadays to customize all the settings of your Android device.

This app is also available for the iOS devices. So the hopeful persons can tap on the link to get this app for iOS devices

Get Nova Launcher iOS


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