Download My Boy iOS And Run Game boy Advance Games on iPhone

As we all know that My Boy iOS is one of the most popular Gameboy Advance Games emulators for Android devices that is why the iOS user also search for the My Boy iOS version. So that they can install the application on their iPhones and then can run the Game Boy games for free of cost on their smartphones.

And here I will be exposing the reality of My Boy iOS and will also tell you some good tips.

The reality of My Boy iOS

A lot of people are claiming that they are using the iOS version of the My Boy Application and are able to run the GB games on their iPad and so on. Well, this all is just rubbish and there is no existence of the My Boy iOS application. While if you have an Android device then you can also download the MyBoyPro Apk for free of cost.

The developers of the application have stated that they have no plan to develop an emulator for iOS devices so it is 100% clear that no app like this for iOS exists.

But there are a lot of other companies/developers who have created very good and high powerful emulators for iOS devices. And below I have mentioned a few good alternatives for you.

Alternatives to My Boy for iOS

Below I have mentioned a few important and the popular alternatives to the My Boy iOS which you can use very easily on your iPhone for free of cost. Let see what we have…

  • RetroArch is a multisystem GBA Emulator which user the Liberto development as its main interface. Moreover, this emulator consists of multiple cores and each core has its own function which helps the devices to emulate the games more smoothly and effetely.
  • John GBA is just another popular emulator for iOS devices. The best thing about this emulator is that it has screen controls that include the cheats which you can use to make very high scores very easily.


Sadly there is nothing like MyBoy iOS for iPhone users as My boy App is for Android users and you can read more about it here. So, they cannot use this powerful emulator on their devices buy luckily we have RetroArch and John GBA which are free and amazing too for anyone who wants to run Advance My Boy Games on his iOS device.

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