Features of the UKTVNow (Greatest Live TV Streaming App) Application

As clear from the title of this article you can assume that the UKTVNow is one of the most popular and the highly recommended game out there which you can use to watch live TV on your smartphone very smoothly and efficiently.
And it has some features that I can discuss with you in a very detailed manner, and here I am going to write a bunch of features which makes me write UKTVNow the most significant application.

The Features of the UKTVNow App;

Free for the lifetime: The application is free to use, and you are not charged even a single penny for watching live TV on your smartphone from any part of the world. You can use it for free as long as you wish.

  • No Advertisements: Yes, it is true that UKTVNow has not any ads on the application you can browse through the app without having to watch ads or videos which are creepy and the waste of time.
  • A lot of Channels: The developers of the UKTVNow has added a lot of TV Channels in it, in fact, I would say they have added almost all the important and the favorite channels which includes news, dramas, entertainment, etc. I think there more than 1000 Channels that UKTVNow supports.
  • A Good User Experience: The application is perfect when we talk about the user experience on the app. You can browse through the app very efficiently. It has a fresh menu, search box, filter and a lot more.
  • A Well Arranged Menu: The menu of the UKTVNow is very nicely managed to mean you can browse through all the categories (there are nine) and can choose the things that you love to watch.
  • Sports are Streamed live: For those who love to watch sports, no matter its WWE, Tennis or Cricket, UK TV Now the app has a full list of the channels that stream live sports. So, you can watch the sports too and for free of cost.

Okay, guys, this was all about the UKTVNow app and the features of it. I hope you love reading them and now are willing to use the app too.

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