Download Nova Launcher Apk Latest Version for the Androids

Hey, the Smartphone users! do you want to customize all the settings of your Androids? “Or” You are afraid of following the long paths to access the activities of your Androids.

Sometimes it happens that we cannot customize and manage the apps, themes and all the activities from our smartphone.

We buy a costly Smartphone but doesn’t know how to manage the apps in it. If you are clench in the same problems or any one of them then you have landed on the right page here.

In the last content, I have tried to my best to tell you about the basics of this app. To know anything other I think it’s better to read them. Tap on the link if you have not read before it. What is Nova Launcher Apk?

Here are the requirements that you would fulfill if you want to install this app in your Android device.

Details About Nova Launcher Apk

Nova Launcher is very well functioned and well-featured application to default all the changes in your devices.

This app is mostly used for the creating shortcuts, arranging the apps well, changing the themes, to make scrolling better and other a lot of purposes.

Here, the bullets are regarding the requirements that your operator has in itself. So let’s read to examine the operator best.

Name Nova Launcher Apk
Size 10 MBs
Required Android 4.4+
Memory(Ram) 2 GB
Version 5.5.1
Availability Our site/Google Play Store

These are the requirements that you have to fulfill before installing this app.

Download Nova Launcher Apk

In the simple and short words, if you want to get this app there are a lot of easy sources on which this app is available e.g. On the Google Play Store this app is available.

You can also get this app from this site by tapping on the link.

Download Nova Launcher Apk

Features of Nova Launcher Apk

Nova Launcher is a very popular application to customize the home screen. By this app, you can change about the settings of your Android full. You can change the layout and also its width and lengths.

Here,  the few features are given to this app by the developers. So let’s read to know the experiences of this device.

  • This app is available free of cost.
  • A miner space and memory required.
  • Updates automatically it’s version.
  • You can customize your home screen.
  • This app provides shortcuts of all activities.
  • Maximize the graphics quality.

In the bullets, we were discussing the features of this app. Now let move to the outline how to download it.

How to Install Nova Launcher Apk?

In the short words, this app is very easy to download and install. This app supports the Androids, iOS devices, and Desktops.

To install this app in the Androids tap on the link and learn the proper ways how to install it.

Install Nova Launcher Apk

If you are an iOS user then you can also install this app in your iPhone device. Tap on the link and learn how to install this app in iOS devices.

Install Nova Launcher iOS



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