BombSquad iOS-Download BombSquad iOS for the iPhone and iOS Devices

Hey, the iPhone users! if you are bored by playing one game daily then you have landed on the right page here.

BombSquad iOS is a game which comes with a lot of stages and modes to play the game with the best. In this game, you have several things to do e.g. the multiplayer options, the several beating options, plenties of modes and a lot other.

This game is available on all the easy sources for the iOS devices. Mean now you can get this app from the iOS build.

This app also supports the Androids and available on the Google Play Store. Tap on the link to get this game for Androids.

Download BombSquad Apk

On this page, I am going to tell you about the basics and alternatives to this game. So let us read to know.

What is BombSquad iOS?

BombSquad iOS is a very interesting game to run on the iOS devices with the multiple options. In this game, your mission is to fight, with all the opponents with fists, bombs, thrilling races, vicious fights and whatever you want to use.

This app provides plenties of features which maximize and minimize the performance with the ups and down in the operators. I am going to tell you the features of this app.

Features of BombSquad iOS

There are a lot of features and presentations that this app provides to its user. This app is available on the iOS build. You can play this game with your family.

There are three options available to default the mode which is the cooperative, freedom and team. In the list, I have listed a few features of this app.

  • Multiple player options are available in it.
  • This app can work in the low space easily.
  • Available on the iOS build and easy to use.
  • You can get it without paying any penny.
  • You can play it cooperatively with your friends.

Does BombSquad iOS Exist?

We are sorry to say that BombSquad iOS is not available for the iOS devices. But we are highly requesting to the developers to develop the iOS file of this game.

Download BombSquad iOS

Alternatives to Bomb Squad iOS

Surely, the unpleasant news made you dishearted by the above outline. But don’t worry I am going to tell you a few new alternating games to the BombSquad iOS.

  • Atomic Bomber Man: This is the app that is same as the BombSquad iOS. This app is also free of cost available on the iOS build.
  • Hero Panda Bomber: Here is the game of the multiplay modes. You are needed to be attached with a server to play the multiple.
  • Games of Bomb:  This is the game in which there are a lot of options available to beat the opponents. You can win by the different activities.


By snuffing today’s content I would say that BombSquad iOS is a very popular game to play the new challenges. This app provides a controller to the users to handle the hardness.



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