ePSXe iOS-Download ePSXe iOS for your iPhone/iPad

Hey the iPhone users! Do you have lake of the games? “Or” You want to run the PSP games on your iPhone/iPad.

Have you broken your Play Station? “Or” You are clench in the faults by the PSP device? If you want to play a lot of games on the your device then you have landed on the true page.

On this page, I am going to go throughout an an application used as game’s assistance ePSXe iOS.

Yes you have read right. This is the name of app i am sure you have listened a lot about this app. i think you must be known the basics of this app first, before, knowing anything other.

What is ePSXe iOS?

ePSXe is very popular application to run the PSP games on the other operators like Androids, iOS devices and Desktops.

iOS is the file extension which describes that this app is for the iOS devices mean your iPhone or iPad.

PSP games are those games for which the play station is necessary mostly the play station is available in the SONY company.

In the below given heading, I have described some features and function of this app for the iOS devices.

Features of ePSXe iOS

There are a lot of features that gift the ePSXe iOS. This app is available in two versions. One is free(Trial) while the other is premium (Paid) version.

Here is the list, in which i have described some latest features of this app. So lets read to know the experiences.

  • Available on the both versions free and paid.
  • Requires a little space to work properly in iPhone.
  • Maximize the graphics qualities and sound.
  • Easy to install and considerable to use.
  • Available on a lot of sources to download.

These are a few features of this app. I have given a lot useful features in the last content. Switch to it to  know. Useful Features

Does ePSXe iOS Exist?

It is very pleasant new for the iOS users that ePSXe exist for the iOS devices. You must have to use the jailbreak method to get this app.

ePSXe iOS for iOS Devices

If you are finding tough to use this app then you can also use its its substitutes given in the next heading.

Alternatives to ePSXe iOS

In iOS the ePSXe iOS is a miner tough to install and use. You can use other apps given in the bullets as a substitute for the emulation and other same purposes.

  • RetroArch: This is the app which is about to trend to use in iOS devices for the emulation of PSP games.
  • OpenEmu:  This app is also used for the fast emulation. You can save your battery life by using this app.
  • Happy Chick: if you are keen on of PSP games then this app is best choice for your to play PSP games.


At the end, i would say that ePSXe iOS is the best choice to play the PSP games on your device. This app is also available for the Androids. You can enjoy the same services. So let’s tap on the link and install this app for Androids.

ePSXe Apk for Androids


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