Blackmart Alpha iOS – Blackmart Alpha iOS for iOS Devices

Hey the iPhone users if you are looking for an application that  alternate your Apple store then you have landed on the exact page.
On this page i am going to tell you about an application which is fully free and provides all the paid apps free of cost.

Mostly there are a lot of apps for the same purpose but some  are of Androids while the other are paid. Blackmart is the app name and it exist in two versions.

Same as the other apps this app was just available for the Androids in the beginning but with the passage of time, we got the iOS file of this app.

This is very interesting application and of a great use for a keen on of games or apps especially.

Mostly due to paid versions we leave our favorite apps but now don’t worry about it. We took a notice about it and brought a latest application to get all those apps.

I think its important to know the basics of Blackmart app before downloading it. So let go ahead toward it.

What is Blackmart iOS?

Blackmart is the name of a very popular substitute for the Google Play Store. This app comes in two version. One is Alpha while the other is regular/local/standard version.

This app provides so much services including the default language and apps from allover the world.

Features of Blackmart Apk

Blackmart app is app which provides so much highlights with its service. This app is quit new but is of great significance for the game lovers.

A few highlights from its function are listed in the bullets given below. So go ahead to read them.

  • Free of cost available on the official site.
  • No need to reinstall bug report free.
  • Provides a lot of paid apps free of cost.
  • no need to create any account or register.
  • Easy to use and install.

So, in the bullets i was describing the features of this app. Lets switch to the installation of this app in the iOS devices.

Does Blackmart iOS Exist?

In the peak words, the Blackmart app is not available for the iOS devices. The reason behind it is the developers doesn’t focus on the iOS file of the apps.

Don’t worry about it I have describe some alternate app in the next headings. Choose the app that you like and install simply from the Apple Store.

Alternatives to the Blackmart iOS

As you know that Blackmart iOS doesn’t exist. So, these are the alternating apps which you can use instead of the Blackmart iOS.

  • Slide Me: Slide me is a best alternating app to the Apple store to get the apps free of cost.
  • 1 Mobile Market: If you are a gamer then this app is best choice for you to install in your iPhone.
  • Mobile 9:  This is also one app store which of the 4.5 ratting on the official site. This app is a best choice for you if you are keen on of apps.


Blackmart App is very popular application which is mostly used as the alternating app to the Google Play store. This app is ratting best on the official site.

This app provides all the paid and premium versions of apps free of cost. If you are an Android user then tap on the link to install this app on your Androids.

Download Blackmart App for Androids

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