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Hey there everyone , Logan here. With my life finally beginning to settle down, I've got much more time to devote to websites. With some broken coding, and spam bots taken over most of the forums, this website seems fairly out of control. Rather than release a new version of the site, I've decided to focus more on the other sites I've been devoting my time to - Cat Kugyay and Wolf Kugyay. They're going to be partnered with Rolespark, a new social network for roleplayers.

When the work is done on those websites (as well as Rolespark), I can begin working on the new website that will replace this one. You can expect to have the new site live by mid-June, and I look forward to seeing you when we launch.

If you want to help with the new website, have any ideas for what we can include, or have any additional questions please feel free to contact me on Skype: eja8170

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This is Cat Kitskel's Out of Character Chat, a place where you
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dr phil dating tips
« on: 10/22/17 ||| 10:20 AM »
dr phil dating tips

Find me here!!! My name is Anaya

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Kevin Durant's giant tattoo shout-out to Rick James isn't sitting well ... with Rick James' son. We got rapper/singer Taz James outside the Mondrian Hotel, and while he respects KD's homage ... Taz points out KD never made a call. As he put it, "You gotta get permission big boy!" Seems like he's mostly joking, but the not-so-funny part is Taz keeps referring to his friend, "Brandon" ... aka Lil B... and his curse.
Taylor Swift's new music video wasn't the only thing worth looking at during last night's MTV Video Music Awards ... check out what was going down backstage. Rappers were hanging out with pop stars ... Katy Perry was doing crazy costume changes and Ellen was posing for pics with EVERYBODY! The award show itself didn't have any angry Kanye interruptions or Britney Spears dancing with a snake -- but there was still plenty of action behind the scenes at the moon man ceremony.
Katy Perry just hired a bunch of HUGE athletes for her new music video -- everyone from Rob Gronkowski to Karl-Anthony Towns ... even Joey Chestnut!!! It's all for Katy's new "Swish Swish" video -- which all takes place at a basketball game, with Bill Walton and Rich Eisen announcing. Some of the highlights ... Katy "Kobe" Perry takes on the guy who plays The Mountain on "Game of Thrones" while Chestnut slams down hot dogs in the crowd. Gronk holds a sign. Karl-Anthony busts out the "Backpack Kid" dance.
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uốn tăng vòng 1


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