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News: SMF - Just Installed!

Hey there everyone , Logan here. With my life finally beginning to settle down, I've got much more time to devote to websites. With some broken coding, and spam bots taken over most of the forums, this website seems fairly out of control. Rather than release a new version of the site, I've decided to focus more on the other sites I've been devoting my time to - Cat Kugyay and Wolf Kugyay. They're going to be partnered with Rolespark, a new social network for roleplayers.

When the work is done on those websites (as well as Rolespark), I can begin working on the new website that will replace this one. You can expect to have the new site live by mid-June, and I look forward to seeing you when we launch.

If you want to help with the new website, have any ideas for what we can include, or have any additional questions please feel free to contact me on Skype: eja8170

Cat Kugyay's New Site

OOC Chat

This is Cat Kitskel's Out of Character Chat, a place where you
can find someone to roleplay, and chat with other
members of the community! Please follow the cbox rules
and remember that this is not a place to advertise!
Thank you.

Cbox Legend

Project Managers and Admins have PURPLE names.
Website Moderators have RED names.
Members have BLUE names.
Guests have GREY names.

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